Children’s hearts from a Camp earlier this Summer

“I was writing in my journal what I think God said to me, and I started crying while I was writing… And I think it was Jesus.”

“Jesus said to me ‘You are beautiful’.”

“I learned that God is my Father… A good Father.”

“God loves me and forgives me no matter what.”

“God said that I am a daughter of love.”

“I learned that God has always been with me, even when I didn’t know it.”

“I learned that I have purpose even when I don’t feel like it.”

“I learned that I have God’s image inside of me.”

“I learned what a good Father is.”

“I think Jesus touched my heart because I couldn’t stop crying while everyone was sharing.”

And on and on… Each one shared. Some to the whole group, some to me off to the side. I have been in tears many times this week… I’m in complete wonder of the presence of Jesus that is so close to these beautiful children.

🙏”I receive them Jesus, I receive them all deep into my heart. Oh may they know you, and know your love and your voice and your heart for them for all their days.”🙏

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