I began to read from the book of Acts.
“They devoted themselves to following the teaching of the apostles.”

A child bursts out “Wait! We do that!”

I continued.
“Their hearts were linked one to another. “

Another child with amazement sparkling in her eyes “Ours hearts are linked too!”

I read some more.
“They shared communion together.”

Now an even younger one is catching on
“We do that too!”

I read.
“And they came together to pray.”

“Wait! We do that too! We are like them!” All of them so excited to discover this.

And then I motioned for us all to rest quietly… And I began to read some more.
“And a deep sense of holy awe swept over them all…”

The room was silent. Not a peep.

I asked.
What do you think that would have felt like? A moment passes in stillness, and then one child looks up, her eyes so fully engaged with the Spirit of our most holy Father, and she says
“It felt like Moses, when God, from the burning bush told him to take off his shoes, for the place is holy. It would have felt holy… Holy”