Their faith elevated my faith

We were praying for a boy who asked us to pray for him because he has anger problems. He said “I’m just so competitive and I get angry quickly”. Myself and two other little guys began to pray for him, that love would wash over and fill him, and that God’s peace would be full inside him.

When I thought I was done praying for him, one of the little guys spoke up and said “Wait! I feel it going! It’s going out of him!” We turned to the boy we had been praying for and told him that we would not move on til he could feel that it had gone out of him. He waited for a few seconds. His eyes were closed, and he was simply with Jesus. Maybe 30 or so seconds later he looked up and me and said “It’s gone. I felt it go.”

I then began to have these boys lay hands on hurting ears and on eyes that want to see without glasses. To pray.

It’s their faith. Their sincere knowledge that God heals and that He loves them. They trust His nature FULLY. Such powerful, pure, beautiful faith. Their faith elevated my faith tonight. They taught me faith, and pulled me right into theirs. I am forever thankful for the faith of children. May we be like them.

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