I had a dream about this!

Last night I wanted to do a ministry arc activity with a pretty large group of kids at a kids conference.  I believe we had about 80 children present, and I wanted to do it together with all of them.  We talked about how we do not ‘regard one another according to the flesh’.  We want to walk like Jesus did, and He saw and spoke to the hearts of people.  Man looks at the outside, but the Lord looks on the inside, at the heart.

I asked who wanted to come up and be our first person to practice this with.  So many hands flew up into the air.  I randomly picked a boy to come forward.  His name was Vincent.  

We did a little activity with Vincent.  I asked him a few questions and then we settled in to intentionally allowing the Lord to help us see and speak to his heart.

What the children began to experience and see in Vincent’s heart was incredible!  This boy has a strong calling in Jesus.  His spirit was so beautiful and humble as he listened to all that was being spoken.  The children were deeply connecting to Vincent’s beginning, who God created him to be. 

After quite some time of allowing the children to share, and pray over him, I looked at Vincent and asked him what he was feeling.  “I feel so relaxed.  Like peace just came on me everywhere.”

In the presence of Jesus, there is peace.  He is our peace.  It was so beautiful… but that’s not all!! There’s more for me to tell you about this boy!  

Later in the evening, long after we were done that activity, one of the ladies that was helping me with the children that night came up to me.  She began to share with me that she is Vincent’s 5th grade teacher at school and that about a week ago she had a dream.  In her dream she saw Vincent being prophesied over at the Holy Spirit Conference and in her dream the Lord was about to give her 2 prophetic words for Vincent… but then the dream stopped and she never got the words.  She said it felt like her dream was interrupted.  She asked the Lord what those words were, but the Lord did not tell her.  She told Vincent’s mom about it and was prayerful that the Lord would reveal those words to her for him.  

Well, last night at the kids Holy Spirit conference, the Lord revealed those words for Vincent, and his teacher got to hear it for herself! She was awestruck, and she told me that every single thing the children saw in him was so completely accurate.  What a beautiful fulfillment to her dream! And what perfect timing for the care and strength of the word of the Lord over His child Vincent!

Isn’t the Lord AMAZING and so very FAITHFUL?!  He is perfect in all His ways!

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  1. That’s awesome!

    July 25, 2023 at 12:35 pm
  2. What a beautiful and encouraging testimony!

    July 25, 2023 at 6:50 pm

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