A prayer over this 2023 school year!

Jesus, thank you for our schools.

Thank you for every teacher and child and parent. Thank you for lunch servers and custodians and security personnel. Thank you for counselors and nurses, paras and coaches, bus drivers and crossing guards. Thank you for office staff and administrators and board members. Thank you for all those who serve and participate in the lives and education of the children in our communities. Brilliant ones. Expert ones. Passionate and caring ones. Thank you for a community filled with people carrying such genuine, pure light.

I ask for beautiful, strong, new beginnings in every classroom this year.

I pray that the atmosphere of our buses, schools and classrooms would be filled with your presence of love and peace, honor and grace, and the sound of your heart.

I pray for each one to have your hope and your ability. Your strength and joy. Your full belief.

Surround our schools with your protection, with your thoughts, your forgiveness and healing, your wisdom and understanding.

May our schools be filled with your righteousness, peace and joy.

May every whispered prayer, every cry for help, every playful laugh, every deep ache and every joyous victory be met with your most full presence.

Oh how we know that our children are joy to your heart. We know that their future in your eyes is bright and full of light and possibility. You look at our children and see signs and wonders; your love filling the earth with the substance of Heaven. Jesus, may it be! May we steward these children well.

May your provision, creativity, solutions and ideas fill board rooms and administrative offices, every school and classroom.

Grace! Grace!

We are convinced of your full belief and your ability inside of each child. We believe your presence with them and every promise of your goodness towards them, Father. We agree with Heaven for this generation of children.

This will be a school year, marked by your love, Father, and filled with every good gift from above towards our children being manifested and full of light.

Let those who have struggled to learn be rewarded with learning this year. Let those who have been hurt and bullied be healed and embraced this year. Let those who have no friends find good friends this year. Let those who can only envision darkness over themselves begin to envision light over themselves this year. Let those who feel old be renewed unto youthfulness this year.

Let trust grow. Let love grow. Let joy grow. Let learning grow. Let gratitude and respect and honor grow. Let your kingdom, heart and ways grow inside of our educational community this year!


I can’t stop praying over this school year. Oh how good Jesus is! We can trust him!

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