“I have been with Him”

A worship song was on in our home this morning and one line of it says
“…because You hold my hand”.
I was sitting at our kitchen table, song playing in the background – not really thinking about it though, because I was reading – when Cara (my 7 year old daughter) leaned over the table and took my hand. It was like the Lord Himself ever so gently interrupted those few quiet moments to simply hold my hand. I looked up and Cara was so peacefully smiling. Her eyes… they were His eyes and they were looking deep into my heart, filling my heart with His delight over me, as He held my hand in hers.
It was such a simple moment, but it went deep into my spirit.

My testimony this morning is so powerfully simple “I have been with Him.”

Oh how I pray that we never miss the moments when God chooses to be with us in a child.