How to prepare for class times with children

In preparing for classes with children, prepare your heart more than your lesson. 

Yes.  Read the story or passage from the Bible that you want to share with them, and if you think of cool activities or crafts that will be fun or will help them remember it, plan to do that with them. 

But don’t stop there… 

Take time to sit with the Lord. 

Ask Him to talk to your own heart. 

Ask Him to make it real in you. 

Practice His words and His Spirit with Him all week long. 

The goal is not to give them a teaching.  The goal is to give them Him in you, and to discover Him in them, with them, talking to them all the time

Ask the Lord to show you the hearts of the children you are working with. 

Pray for the children. 

Love them all week long.  So that when you see their faces in class, your heart explodes. 

Your spirit and the way you receive them and love them will set the atmosphere for their hearts to open.