A peek into kid’s class – finding God’s heart

We were reading and acting out the story of King Belshazzar when the hand of God wrote on the palace wall in Daniel chapter 5.
The children were listening intently, asking God to show them what was happening in the heart of Heaven in the story.

As I was reading, one of the boys got a marker and quietly wrote the words Mene Mene Tekel Peres on the white board. Such a rooted presence of holy understanding was in him.

We began to talk about the Lord weighing the King’s heart on the scale of the standard of the Lord.
How Jesus wanted the king’s heart.
How Jesus is Life, reason, and purpose for the heart of mankind. He is our Source.
We talked about having a humble heart. A loving, kind and unselfish heart.
A heart that worships the one, true and living God.

But King Belshazzar deliberately chose a hard and stubborn heart. He chose his false and powerless gods. And he did what he wanted without giving thought to the Lord or to the care of the people in his kingdom.

The weight of the Lord was full with us in the room.

“Where do you see Jesus? What is He saying to your heart?” I asked.

One dear little girl looked up at me. Her eyes were twinkling. “He said “Love Me”.”

A holy pause in our spirits…
I could have stayed in that moment all day. I breathed in her simple words. “Love Me”. His Spirit was so rich in her. “We love You Father. With our whole heart. We love You, our Giver of Life, our God, our King.”

Then a quiet voice
“I saw myself in the story. I was taking care of all the people that were there when it happened. They were afraid.”
How precious it is when a young heart surfaces to reveal it’s nature and identity. Such a pure mother’s nurturing heart was among us in a beautiful 8 year old girl.

Then a little boy began to share
“I saw Him at the end, right as King Belshazzar was dying. Jesus took out his old heart that was prideful and hard and stubborn, and gave him a new heart. A good heart.”

And another
“I saw Jesus when Belshazzar was dying. He was making a home for him in His house.”

Oh that we know the Father’s heart for even the hardest of hearts like these children do. Everything within them believes the power of Jesus to transform every hard heart… Their faith humbles me. My whole heart responds to their faith in the strength of God’s heart “I believe! Yes I believe! THIS is our Jesus!”