Connecting children to the whole church family

I encourage you to intentionally look for opportunities where you can connect the children in your church to the whole church family.

Here are some ways that may be helpful to do that:

  1. Talk about it with the children. Have them ask the Lord to show them who they are among the church family. What do they bring? Ask them why they love their church and who/what the church is to them. Explore together with them how those pieces go together and how important each one is to each other.
  2. Ask the children to pray for and minister over you and over some of your teachers and helpers. Take time to receive of them.
  3. When you sense something they have shared with you in worship or in class times would be life for the whole family, partner with them to share it so that others can receive. This could be sharing pictures of their artwork, or their writings where you sense Jesus’s presence revealed in them. This could be a short selfie video of you and them sharing or praying. This could be giving a child a microphone and asking them to pray or bless the family with whatever you experienced in their heart. Keep it as simple as possible. This is real life. This is family. This is not a production or performance. It is Jesus alive in little ones. You are simply making a way for others to experience His life in them like you have.
  4. Invite people of different ages who are not regularly with the kids, to join the kids from time to time. Invite them to share their hearts with the kids. Have the children pray over them. You could even have them do an activity with the kids. May the Lord open up creative ways for them to experience one another in a personal and ‘real’ way.
  5. Talk about the kids and about your experience of the Lord in them often. Share your experience with others. You are like a bridge for the older generations and the little ones to encounter one another with hunger to know one another and to experience Jesus in each other’s hearts. You are those whose spirits are pleading with all to taste and see how good the Lord is in the children.
  6. Look for opportunities to share especially with parents how you see and experience the Lord in their child/children.

It is important for all the generations of the church family to see and receive from one another. To practice their belonging to one another. May you be one that brings the generations together. May the life of Jesus in old and young be valued, shared and experienced full and free.