Questions to ask children after reading Scripture

There are a few questions that I have found to really like asking children after we read the Bible together. Whether we are doing a study or reading a story, and even after acting out a story, I like to sit together and quiet ourselves to listen for Jesus. Remember, even if the room is excited with energy from acting out battles or crazy cool miracles or whatever it is you are reading in Scripture, children are quick to connect with the spirit realm. They so quickly hear and see the Lord. Just take a few seconds to have everyone still themselves and breathe in God’s breath. After all, He is the breath in their lungs. Remind them of this and take a deep breath with them. Then ask them a question or two. I tend to ask:

  1. Where did you see Jesus in the story? What did He look like? What was He doing? What do you think was happening in His heart?
  2. What stands out to you from the story? Why does that part have your attention?
  3. What is Jesus saying to your heart? Let’s sit with Him for a minute and listen for Him to talk to us.

Sometimes we simply sit together and share. We talk and listen to one another as we open our hearts this way. Other times I hand out paper and allow them to write or draw their answers. Every time we are together, we look for Him until we find Him.

When they share, respond to them and confirm Jesus in them as they share. When you hear Him or feel His weight in their words and in what they see, tell them. If you are not able to discern how their answer connects, just ask them “What do you think that means? Why do you think Jesus showed you that?”. Jesus talks to us all in the way that we can understand. He will do the same with them. He will talk to them in ‘their language’ so to speak. So sometimes asking another question can help them discern for themselves what He is showing to them.

You don’t have to immediately understand everything they see. Jesus knows what He is showing to them. Lean into Him. He will reveal their hearts to you as you seek Him together.

Jesus is so faithfully present to reveal Himself. Oh may we see Him every time we are together!