God’s heartbeat

In the middle of our worship time, I walked over to one of the children. Looking into his eyes, I asked him “What’s the heartbeat of the room tonight? Where’s God’s heartbeat? Tell me when you find it.”

Several minutes later this dear little boy came back to me. I picked him up and was holding him. I had sort of forgotten I had even asked him that question, when all of the sudden he put his arms around my head and pulled me in, my ear right up against his chest. “It’s here! It’s right here!!!”

He had found God’s heartbeat… It was in his heartbeat. I listened to this little boy’s heart. Tears welled up in my eyes… Oh I wish you could have seen his eyes. They were filled with such bright, clear, dancing light. And his smile, so full and big.

I held him close “Yes. Yes! You found it! You found the heartbeat. It’s in you little one. He is in you…”