God’s Promises!

At our home church we had a projector screen that was projecting little spots of light on the wall outside of the normal projection screen area. It was like this for quite some time (I think that projector might have been on its last leg). On one of these Sundays, the children, in the middle of worship, all began to go up to the wall to try to touch the spots. I knew those spots had been there before, but I hadn’t seen them take notice of them like this until this time. Hmmm I thought.

Meanwhile, there was an adult who began to share her heart on the microphone about the promises of God related to the song we were singing in those moments. I went over to the children to see what was happening with those spots they were touching.

“What’s happening over here?” I gently and curiously asked.

“Miss Jocelyn!” they whispered so excitedly “There are rainbows in these spots on the wall! Look!”.

And sure enough, all those spots had rainbows in the middle of them. I huddled those little ones together, looking into their eyes which were beaming with light, and I whispered “You found rainbows, and rainbows…” “are God’s promise!” one of the children blurted out. “Yes, that’s right!” I said softly “They are symbols of God’s promises to us. You can touch and be part of every promise of God! Actually HE IS our promise! That’s what we are singing about right now! How cool is that?!”

I began to touch those rainbow spots of light with them as we together thanked God for His faithfulness to His promises for us.

It was so simple, and others in the room might have even wondered what in the world we were doing. But it was a beautiful moment in Jesus with those kiddos.

It could have been easy for me to assume that the children were distracted, when actually their spirits were so engaged! They had found and were touching the promises of God for themselves!

I got to experience the Father’s faithful presence with them in those moments, and bring clarity so easily to their spirits and the heart of Jesus in them, simply because I went over to where they were to engage with them… with Him.

Oh may we engage with the hearts of children! For surely, in them we will find Him.