The prayers of children

“What is prayer?” I asked.

An anxious to answer little boy pipes up “It’s when you talk to God! And then you know how to help people!”

Then… After a few more answers and discussion, we took time to pray…

I asked “What did you experience while we were praying?”

Hands up all around.

“I talked with God about my uncle. He’s sick. And I talked with Him about our family friend who died…”. A friend comes near and becomes the comfort of Holy Spirit to this dear one.

Another hand.

“I heard God say to all the world “you are forgiven”.”

More hands.

“When I was talking to God He told me that there is forgiveness and freedom.”

“God told me that there are people in our church family who feel alone and I saw them sitting in chairs by themselves. I want us to reach out to them so they are not alone.”

“God reminded me of the vision He showed me a long time ago… The one where He showed me, me.”

“God told me He hears me pray for the kids who don’t listen or are having a bad day at school. He wants me to keep praying for them.”

…How precious these ones are… How pure, such strength, so tender, such wise ears and eyes… Their prayer life with Papa is so holy. How near He is to them. I am overwhelmed with His Person in them.