Creative moments with children expressing their hearts to the Lord

There we were, a group of about 30 kids, along with some adult teachers and helpers. We were learning about Hebrew poetry. We learned that Hebrew poetry is different than poetry as we know it. It is not based on rhythm and rhyme as we are so familiar with in the English language. Rather, Hebrew poetry is created by putting together thought that goes with thought.

After time exploring the books of poetry in the Bible and sharing our favorite findings with each other, we decided we wanted to try our hand at writing a Hebrew styled poem from our hearts altogether. Below is the poem that we wrote entitled “The Lord is Faithful”.

“The Lord is faithful.

When it is dark, He lights it up.

He is light. He is light with me.

When I am afraid, He keeps His promises.

When I feel fearful, He reminds me to believe.

When I get hurt, He is always there to help me.

Lord, You give me strength.

The Lord is a warrior with a sword of light.

Because He is brave, I am brave.

He is my Super Hero, my best Teacher and my best Friend.

He is my Daddy and I feel free with Him.

The Lord loves me and all of His children.

His love is continuous, like a never ending well.

He hugs me constantly.

I praise You God, for You are my King and my Leader, faithful to lead me in right paths.

You are the Mighty God, my Savior, Creator. My Father.

You have made all things good.”

A most beautiful thing happened after we wrote this poem together. The kids loved it so much that it stirred their hearts to want to write more of their own. For weeks after I would have kids bring poems to me about their identity and their relationship with Jesus, who Jesus is and how much they love Him. Parents were finding them in their houses and would send me pictures of their kids writing poems about Jesus at home. It was such a beautiful release of their hearts with and to the Lord.

I encourage you to try something new and different and creative and fun with your kids like this was for us. It just might ignite something so pure, so refreshing and so joyous within!