Secrets of the Kingdom hidden in children

Matthew 18:1-5, Matthew 19:13-14, Luke 10:21

Jesus loved children. He held them and blessed them and even raised them up as an example for us. He said that the Kingdom belongs to them! He even said that He hides His Kingdom secrets inside of them!

What does a child do with a secret? We all know they will do anything but keep it! lol! Kids really CANNOT hold a secret in! And I can’t help but think that this is the very reason why God gives them His secrets. His Kingdom is NOT a secret!! It is for ALL! Every part of His Kingdom: His love, His ways, His heart, His favor, the fruits of righteousness (joy and peace) for your life. HE IS FOR ALL! His secrets are not only for the elite who would keep it and elevate themselves with it. NO! He is a wide open book. His heart is wide open. His Kingdom was never meant to be a secret! It has always been for ALL! All are invited. All are worthy. All are loved. All have value and purpose. All are to be seen.

The Lord found kids to best carry His Kingdom secrets, and He says that we cannot enter His Kingdom unless we become like them. Let us be like them!