Sleep well, dear children.

There we were, sitting in a circle together on a Wednesday evening. One dear little girl raised her hand and began to open her heart.

“I can’t sleep at night. Every night when I lay down, these bad thoughts come in my head. I get scared and I worry. I hate it but I can’t get it to stop.”

The room sat still. We all became so completely aware of the compassion of Jesus that had filled the room when she shared.

“That happens to me too.” Another child spoke up.

“Me too.” Another little one whispered.

Before long, there were about 8 children in a room of about 12 or 13 that said they cannot sleep. Whether bad thoughts or fears or nightmares. Their sleep is plagued with darkness.

A holy passion rose up in me. This was not ok. Jesus can give these children rest and peace. His kids are not to be robbed of rest.

We decided to have the little girl that opened her heart initially sit in the center of our circle and we began to love on her, sit with her and pray. Next thing I know the children are holding each other surrounding her, and they are praying over each other. I went around the room and laid my hands on each one of their heads and prayed over their thoughts and sleep and dreams. We came together, throwing our hands together in a “go team!” kind of formation, and we committed to not doing this alone. Each child committed to praying for those standing beside them. Every night they would pray for each other’s sleep.

The evening was over. All these dear children went home. But my heart… my heart could not escape these moments and these precious open hearts. I continued to pray… my heart interceding for them. Oh that they would experience the Lord in this struggle.

The following Sunday, I walked into our church building to get my classrooms and nursery ready for the morning. As I was turning on lights, setting out snacks and paper, turning on extra space heaters and such… doing my normal before gathering checks… one of the children ran to me “Mrs Jocelyn! Mrs Jocelyn!! I slept every night!!! Seriously. EVERY NIGHT!!”

Then in the middle of worship that morning, two more children came up to me “I didn’t have any nightmares Mrs Jocelyn!” “Me either!”

A little later, as we were getting settled into our class, another child raised her hand to speak “Mrs Jocelyn. I didn’t have any bad thoughts before bed since we prayed!”

My heart began to weep with joy and in complete gratitude for the Lord revealing Himself and His faithful, powerful care for them.

Children know the Father. They trust Him. They experience Him miraculously. And right now I bless them to see Him and know His faithful presence with them in their every sleep and every dream.