I have been healed!

Last evening, I sat there talking with children about how healing lives inside of us because Jesus lives inside of us. We talked about praying for people who are sick. We talked about the lady in the Bible who reached out and touched Jesus’ clothes and was healed. Then I gave each of the kids a piece of fabric for them to write a prayer of healing on.
Oh their purity and faith came pouring out of their hearts in such simple but powerful prayer.

And then… One dear little girl, her eyes afire. She looked at me and said “Mrs Jocelyn. I have been healed. Jesus has healed me…”.

You see, this one has suffered for a long time. In her life she cannot remember a time where her skin did not hurt. But Jesus has touched her, and she told me so last night. It brought a spirit of faith to every prayer offered for another last night.
And still this morning I am captured by the living testimony of Jesus in this little one. I don’t know if I have ever witnessed such faith, such glory shining in the face of a human as I did in her last night. She has experienced Jesus and He will never be taken away from her ❤️😭❤️😭.