A child in the presence of the Lord

I was sitting with a dear little boy. He was drawing a picture as I had earlier asked for all the kids in his class to draw a picture of what it looks like for the Holy Spirit to be in them and with them. “What do you and Father God’s Holy Spirit look like together?” I asked.

He drew a picture of himself inside of an orb. It had all kinds of movement within it, and even some electrical pulses. It was way too cool! I asked him to explain it to me and he talked to me about how he lives inside the Holy Spirit’s presence.

I looked at him and smiled. His spirit and his heart were just so pure before the Lord. “What does it feel like in your heart when you are in Holy Spirit like in your picture?” I asked.

He closed his eyes and sat there quiet for several seconds. I could tell that he was with Jesus. He was experiencing the Holy Spirit surrounding him right there in that moment, and he was looking into his own heart to see what was happening inside while in this place with Jesus. When he was ready, he opened his eyes and looked right into mine “I… I don’t feel angry anymore.”

My whole heart began to weep with joy and with such deep gratitude as I took this beautiful child in my arms and hugged him. “Do you know how amazing you are? Jesus cares so much about you, about your heart. He is always with you, to help you… He loves you so much.” And then I hugged him some more… Oh how the presence of the Lord was so heavy upon him.

Father, may this one forever stay in Your presence. Everywhere he is. Everywhere he goes. Rest upon him this way, Papa. How good You are to him. May he forever know how close You are and how deep You love him.