The Lord is teaching our children. He is talking to their hearts.

After reading the story of Elijah with the 450 prophets of Baal at Mt Carmel…

I asked “What was God saying to the people? What did His heart want the people to know?”

The kids sat quietly with their eyes closed, thinking with Jesus for a moment or two.

“He wants all people to know He is God.”

“He wanted people to know that with Him nothing is impossible.”

“He wanted people to know that they are welcome back in His kingdom. All the time. His heart wants them to come back to Him.”

“God does not trick them. He is true.”

“The people don’t have to follow other people’s ways. They can stay in God’s ways and heart.”

I am always wowed at what comes from their hearts learning with Jesus. They teach my heart time and again.

Then we began to pray… Prayers for our world to know Jesus… Prayers that carried the weight of God’s love and desire for people. All people.

Gosh I am so thankful every time I get to sit with these ones and learn His heart together.