Your children will experience the compassion of Jesus in you if you let them.

I wanted to share a testimony of a beautiful miracle Jesus did in our family recently 😭🙏.

I have a cousin who moved back to the states after being a missionary in Costa Rica for several years. Her husband is from Costa Rica and she met and married him there, and they now have two young boys. They moved back here this past Summer.

It has been a really difficult transition for them, and especially for him. He has been so homesick and discouraged. And so much has changed in our family since she left and came back, that even she feels this same sadness and longing.

Well, a few days ago they had a birthday party for their son who turned 2 years old, and hardly anyone could come to the party. It was just a few of us (my parents, me and my girls, and them). They had a bounce house set up and while the kids were playing in it, the little birthday boy (Eli) broke his arm… Several of us could see it. I felt the love of Jesus so strong that it was almost painful… And tears welled up in my eyes… My daughters looked into my eyes and they felt it too, it was so so strong.

We came around him and we laid our hands on him and prayed. Then my parents came over and joined us in praying too. We then left so they could take him to the ER.

About 10 minutes later we got a message on my phone. It was a video of him playing without pain. The “lump” that was under the skin in his arm was no longer there! My children and I looked at each other and said “That is a miracle! Jesus did that!”

Josue messaged me later (my cousin’s husband) and his heart was so opened up…And I just know that miracle was for him. Dear Eli may not even remember it later in life because he is so little. But his Daddy will remember it.

I felt so strongly that this miracle was Jesus saying to him “I have not forgotten you. I love you. I am with you and your family especially now.”

Oh how I weep in the beautiful love of Jesus for them. They have been in such a hard and sad place and are trying to find their way here… And Jesus revealed to them just how close He is and how deep His love is for them right here in this place.

And it causes me to pray with my children even more over all the ones who are feeling this loneliness and longing. That miracles in the nearness of the Father and His love for these with ones would be opened up and full and known deeply, and that He Himself would minister to these precious hearts in these places of deep sadness. He is so so good 😭😭🙏🙏.

Allow children to be a part of every prayer you pray. Let them experience the compassion of Jesus in you and with you. They will witness the miracles of a loving God and will boldly release His heart for the rest of their lives!