I have learned of Jesus in these little ones

What rich moments with the kids tonight at church. After reading a bit about Daniel, we began to talk about the parts of Daniel’s heart that looked like Jesus to us.

“Daniel had a listening heart.”

What depth came in these words. A listening heart… yes.

“He was brave.” Another spoke.

“Oh yes. Daniel was brave. When do you remember Jesus being brave?” I asked.

Beside me a little boy’s eyes lit up immediately at this question and his heart began to speak. “On the cross. He wanted life for people so much that He did it.”

My heart responded immediately to his “Yes. His love for us all made Jesus so brave didn’t it. And Daniel was brave because of his love for God wasn’t he.”

Then a little girl shared “I think Jesus was brave to turn over the tables in the temple.”

“My goodness yes. Those people were so mad at Him weren’t they? That could have felt scary, but He loved His Father’s house and so His heart was brave.”

“Daniel was loyal to God. And He stood up for what he believed in his heart when he asked if he could eat differently, not the unclean foods.”

And so much more came forward: wise and smart, understanding, strong, humble power, health and a generous heart.

I’m always overcome with gratitude when I am with these kiddos. They teach me so much of our Father God so purely. Truly I have learned of Him tonight with incredible, beautiful children. And oh how it fills my heart with His tangible presence inside of me even now.