Words from deep places in the hearts of children

“I was writing in my journal what I think God said to me, and I started crying while I was writing… And I think it was Jesus.”

“Jesus said to me ‘You are beautiful’.”

“I learned that God is my Father… A good Father.”

“God loves me and forgives me no matter what.”

“God said that I am a daughter of love.”

“I learned that God has always been with me, even when I didn’t know it.”

“I learned that I have purpose even when I don’t feel like it.”

“I learned that I have God’s image inside of me.”

“I learned what a good Father is.”

“I think Jesus touched my heart because I couldn’t stop crying while everyone was sharing.”

And on and on… Each one shared. A whole week of camp and of learning and experiencing beautiful Jesus together. They had things bubbling up from their hearts to share. Some to the whole group, some to me off to the side. I have been in tears many times this week… I’m in complete wonder of the presence of Jesus that is so close to these beautiful children.
🙏”I receive them Jesus, I receive them all deep into my heart. Oh may they know you, and know your love and your voice and your heart for them for all their days.”🙏