Check out a review of one of our camp experiences from this past Summer!

Thank you to all of you who were so faithfully with us in prayer and spirit during WHOKids Camp last week. We could feel your presence so close. What a beautiful time we had together.
So many moments of laughter and fun, and also moments where rich things of the Spirit were opened up in them. Our children came hungry, and Jesus is so faithful to meet them in this place and to do more than we can ask.

During our week of camp, we talked a lot about worship–looking at the Lord, looking into His eyes, and responding to His perfect love and holiness that we are forever reminded of in the center of His throne. We talked about how when we see Him enthroned, when we look at Him and see who He is, right in front of us, all kinds of things come up out of us. Like praise and declaration, gratitude and love and repentance, holy holy holies and worthiness to our King. This is worship! And it can happen every day of our lives as we, in our hearts and spirits, look at the Lord.

Each day we took time to have journal and worship time with Jesus. In these moments the children could sing and write and talk with the Lord, or simply rest in His presence and let Him talk to their hearts. After one of these times, a girl came back to our circle to share what happened when she was worshipping Jesus. She said she had closed her eyes, and when she opened them, she was surrounded by people with cancer. She and Jesus went person to person and prayed for them. It came out of her so anointed in God’s presence, and it ushered us into intercession for several.  
Many times after we see Jesus, we find ourselves in prayer for others. We feel His love and how strong it is. All things are possible in Him! And we begin to pray.  

On Thursday, each of the children got to take their seat inside of Jesus on His throne (we are seated in Him, in Heavenly places!), and they prayed having His eyes and heart for the things on their hearts. These moments were some of the holiest I’ve ever been a part of. Many of them experienced the nearness of the Lord so deeply in this time with Him.
It was all such a precious time with them inside the heart of God. I am so very thankful.

On Tuesday, we took time to talk about Hebrew poetry. We read some from Psalms to see how it is written and then as a group we began to write our own poem of worship to the Lord. Their hearts so pure and deep, offered such genuine words of worship from within. It was beautiful.  

I wanted share with you a song that came from the words of their Hebrew style worship poem. WHO’s very own Jen and Jovie put the words to music!  On the last day of camp, they taught the children their song of worship to the Lord. It was and is so beautiful!! I invite you to join in this worship with us! Diane put it altogether into a video with words so it would be easy for you to learn it and sing it.

Thank you again for being with us. Thank you for seeing Jesus in the children, for believing in them, and for welcoming them so fully into your hearts. Thank you for covering them in prayer. His love and presence is so strong within and upon them all.

With all my love, honor and appreciation,

To see the video and view all of our pictures from this week of camp, copy and paste the following link into your browser and take a look!