A word of freedom

Several years back I remember visiting a church out of town. They had invited me to spend time doing some training and encouraging, ministering to their children’s teachers, and then they invited me to also share the vision of God’s heart for children in their Sunday worship gathering.

That Sunday morning during moments of worship, the Lord opened His beautiful and strong heart for the entire family, through a tender little one.

His mom had bent down and simply asked him what Jesus was showing to him during the worship time. His words broke open the whole room:

“I turned around and saw chains hanging on people. So I started to try to find the key, but couldn’t. And then I looked again, and the people all began to take their chains off.”

Wow. Talk about a prophetic word that opened up every single heart in the room to the Lord.

It was so beautiful what happened next. Several adults from within the church family slowly began to get up and go to the child to ask if he would serve them communion. They were so hungry for this word of freedom from the Lord over their lives.

I wept at the beauty of what God was doing through this young boy. One after another got in line to be served communion and a blessing from him. His parents standing alongside of him, humbly and purely, he gave.

“…and a little boy will lead them…” Isaiah 11:6