Children worship!

I wanted to share with you one lady’s experience of the children’s worship in our gathering time at church last weekend. It moves me to hear what God is doing in and through children. And He is doing it all over the world. My spirit calls out: Praise the Lord! Great things He has done and is doing in our midst!

“Today during worship, I saw the kids up front like other Sundays but today was different.

The boys had two flags each and they were doing warfare in worship for the Lord but also for worship. It’s hard to explain but warring off things that weren’t the Lord. With such pure hearts.

I also saw Kinzy worshipping with flags and an angel was behind her doing what she was doing. 😭 In unison with her. I don’t see Angels often but it was very clear today.

The kids were actually doing these things. It was not a vision.”

Thank You Father for the worship of children before Your throne. We join them in praise to You King Jesus!

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