Experience Jesus like children do

One Sunday morning in kids class there was a moment when someone came into the room right in the middle of our lesson, and they asked if the kids would pray for a specific person who was ill. After we finished a few thoughts from our discussion, we moved right into prayer for this person. Oh how the prayers of children usher in such a thick presence of Jesus. In the middle of these prayers, the kids began praying for more than just that dear one, but also for any others with back problems specifically. Their whole hearts were pouring into Jesus’ heart. In the moments when they pray like this… I just don’t want to move. I could stay completely still and just soak in this presence far past the time we can be there.
Later in the day one of my daughters came up to me and said “Mom, you know how we were praying for people’s backs to be healed today? Well, all morning this morning, and some of yesterday too, my knee was hurting. Like really hurting. Like it was hard to go up and down the stairs because it hurt. And to run with my friends hurt. But after we prayed for people, when class was over, I got up and it didn’t hurt me anymore! I think Jesus healed my knee!”
Oh how I long for all to experience Jesus in children, and even more so, to experience Jesus like children experience Him. He is so real to them, right in front of them. He is not even a breath away. Oh how I am drawn even further into Him when I am with them. Come join me here and breathe in His living Person with me. He is so near, always. And so completely good.

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